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MD1R Magdyno Single Cylinder
Replaces the Lucas magdyno MO1RThe Mag -Dyno was fitted to thousands of bikes from the everyday workhorse to the sporting Goldstars. Price subject to vat
Weight: 3.215 kg
Condition: New
£ 675.00
(Inc VAT £810.00)
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Magdyno uses original pinion.All Alton's come supplied with a regulator.Subject to vat
(Inc VAT £486.00)
Subject to vat
(Inc VAT £31.20)
Bsa pinion gear suitable for A7, A10 , RGS twinsSubject to Vat
(Inc VAT £72.00)
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This is a Flange mounted single cylinder regular magneto suitable for a range of bikes including VelocettesPrice subject to vat
(Inc VAT £624)
The K2F is a replica of the Lucas K2F, same size as the original with new
BT-H electronics. Designed for customers whose priority is to preserve the bikes original appearance. Note this unit comes with an external cdi box and coilsWe can now make these to fit on Vincents but please ask first. Price subject to vat
(Inc VAT £774)
Platform single magneto is available in 35mm or 45mm centre height by the addition of a 10mm plateNote : The base holes are 6mm and not 1/4 to assist our overseas customersPrice subject to vat
(Inc VAT £624)
This is a single cylinder magneto rotating clockwise developed for the Vincent Comet MotorcyclePrice subject to vat
(Inc VAT £636)